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What is the best side to put a whole home humidifier on?

John T says:

I'm thinking about installing a whole home humidifier on to my furnace system. The humidifier can be installed on the heater side or the cold air return. is either side is better? The cold air would be sightly easier because there is no central...

OrakTheBold says: what does the contractor recommend? If it is before the heat exchanger, it could cause the exchanger to rust out

Can i use a self piercing needle valve on aquapex piping?


I just purchased a Whole home humidifier. It came with a self piercing needle valve for copper piping. Are the two compatible? Should i attempt the install? Or call in a plumber? Do i need a new fitting? Please help me out.

Steve G says: Piercing valves are not reliable on any material. If you aren't able to find an alternative, call a plumber.

Sophia Lynette Update

This is the second day that baby girl is. breathing on her own. She started out slow and the general plan is to have her off the vent during the day before she comes home. She started by being off the ventilator one hour during the day and one hour at night. Currently, she's off five hours during the day and five hours at night. She still has her.


Honeywell/Kaz Home Environme De-Mineralize Cartridge Dc Humidifier Chemical &... http://t.co/IBojJkyXGe #HoneywellDehumidifiers drtskintips Use a humidifier in the home, to inject moisture in the dry air. drtskintips drtskintips Use a humidifier in the home, to inject moisture in the dry air. drtskintips


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Higher Indoor Humidity Levels Might Slow Flu's Spread

"That's why it would be difficult to use this approach in a residential space, unless you seclude the patient to one room and use room humidifiers that are large enough to handle the space in question and keep the doors closed," Tierno added.

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Breath in the stunning 230 degree views from every floor of this luxurious and unique home or enjoyed everything the Okanagan ... recirculating hot water system, humidifier and heated crawl space. Ample room on each floor has to be seen to be appreciated.

Scoreboard: Rodeo

First round -- Coy Thompson, 11.9, 1,480; Troy Tillard, 13.3, 1,110; Chet Herren, 13.6, 740; Chance Kelton, 13.8, 370. Second round -- J.P. Wickett, 11.2, 1,480; Dan Fisher, 12.8, 1,110; Mike Chase, 12.9, 740; Ora Taton, 13.3, 370. Third round ...

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Local media must play a bigger role in alerting public on product recalls In February, following a fire that killed four people in a Nagasaki nursing home and which was traced to a faulty humidifier, NHK ran a feature on its morning information program, “Kurashi Kaisetsu” (“Explanations for Living”). The reporter on the show

Woman Critically Injured in Humidifier Fire Firefighters responded to a house in the 200 block of Valley View Drive after a 66-year-old woman called at 1:11 a.m. to report her humidifier was on fire, Wilmette duty chief Jeff Gorr said. When firefighters arrived, flames were shooting from the